The Native Squad Kit – Fully compliant BS8599 + F First Aid Kit

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The Native Squad First Aid Kit a fully compliant BS8599 kit packed with useful additions to treat severe trauma in a forestry environment and perfectly packaged in a completely waterproof IPX6 pack with rapid access compartments This essential kit will have you covered for everything from little ticks, to severe bleeds, burns and crush injuries.

1x SAM Splint
1 x C.A.T tourniquet
1 x 1 metre long Haemostatic Gauze
1 x Military Field Dressing 10 x 19cm
1 x Tick Remover
1 x Tuff Cut Heavy Duty Shears
1 x Hydrogel Burn Dressing 10cm x 10cm
5 x Burn Gel
10 x Handy Eyewash Pods
1 x Eyewash Bottle 500ml
2 x Medium Sterile HSE Dressing Flow Wrap 12cm x 12cm
2 x Large Sterile HSE Dressing Flow Wrap – 18cm x 18cm
2 x Non Sterile Non Woven Triangular Bandage
2 x Sterile Eye Pad HSE Dressing Flow Wrap
2 x 20 Assorted Sterile Waterproof Plasters
20 x Sterile Saline Alcohol Free Cleansing Wipe in Foil Sachet
1 x Microporous Low Allergy Adhesive Tape 2.5cm x 5m (Roll)
6 x Purple Nitrile Examination Gloves
2 x No 7 Sterile Finger Dressing
1 x Foil Emergency Blanket
1 x Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m